Sunday 4th October 2009

Today is a very exciting day. Not only can I bring you news that Flöry went into labour and when I last heard, she had had three little girl puppies and one little boy. She hadn’t finished at that point, so there may be more on the way. Mother and puppies were doing well and she was looking after them nicely. If all goes according to plan, one of those little girls will grow up to be another companion for me. I’m planning on having a very enjoyable old age with all these girls around to look after me.

Today is also exciting because we are having our very own Entlebucher Fun Day in this country. I know there aren’t as many dogs to get together as there are in Switzerland, but it will still be wonderful fun to see each other. Shadow has the important role of going to meet some people off the train with my Master, while I take my Mistress to the place where it is being held to help set up. We’re going to have an agility course and lots of fun. Shadow is really disappointed that her brothers can’t come, but I did remind her she will see them next month when she goes to Discover Dogs. I’m not actually going to that, which will be strange. I get to stay in kennels on my own and I haven’t done that for ages.

I’ll tell you all about how things go later, but I have at least promised not to pee on Guapo’s owner’s feet this time. Apparently it was frowned on when I did it before. My Mistress thought it had been an accident the first time, but when I repeated the stunt everyone realised it was deliberate and I was in trouble.