Monday 14th September 2009

I’m sorry to be a disillusionist or a sceptic, but if Deryn Brown can use a crowd to predict the lottery numbers then this would surely spell the end of lotteries and the beginning of a very rich man. Why wouldn’t you use a skill like that for your own ends or at the very least philanthropically? Then you have the same person winning the lottery every week and everyone wanting to know what numbers they will choose before selecting their own and eventually the seven million pound prize being shared between seven million people and effectively being meaningless. There has to be some other explanation as to how the illusion was created. After all, if it were real he wouldn’t be an illusionist he’d be a realist and as far as I know that is an entirely different thing.

On a more mundane level, I managed to tear the same claw on the other foot this weekend. I just don’t know how I’ve done it. I’ve gone all these years without tearing a single claw and now I’ve done two within a week. My Mistress says I’m subconsciously seeking attention as I knew that Shadow was going in for her dew claw removal operation today. I can honestly say if it is that, it must be very deep in my subconscious as I would never consciously do anything that would result in a trip to the vet and certainly nothing that was going to mean pain was inflicted on me when I go there. I’m too much of a coward to choose to do any of that. As it is, I can’t settle to anything today, wondering how Shadow is getting on with her operation and whether she has come round from the anaesthetic yet.