Tuesday 15th September 2009

The house seemed awfully quiet when Shadow went to the vet yesterday. My Mistress said she felt almost as shaky as the day I had my operation. Fortunately all went well and by early afternoon Shadow was coming round from her ordeal. She was home by later afternoon with little bandages on her back paws. She seemed rather proud of them. She also seemed very hungry having had to go without both last night’s supper and her breakfast this morning. Rest assured, she will now be spoilt rotten and should be back to her old annoying self before too long.

I’ve been thinking about the inconsistencies of memory and how things that have happened get locked away in bits of your mind. It’s quite extraordinary how it happens. Sometimes when you read about people who have suddenly remembered things that happened to them years ago, you think to yourself how could you forget something that important. However, last weekend my Master and Mistress were talking about their recollections of university and to begin with you would have though they had been to two different places but then every so often one would say something that would unlock a memory in the other. It was quite fascinating to watch. Although remarkably most of the memories that they were unlocking seemed to be about food they ate, with a particular recollection of the fried chicken with bar b q sauce in the student union. They are planning a reunion with some friends next year, seeing as it will be 25 years since my Master graduated. You start to realise just how much can happen in that time when you realise that half the places they would like to go back and see have since been bulldozed. In the case of the flats they lived in, that may of course have been for the best!