Sunday 13th September 2009

The Pet Dogs Democratic Party is increasingly concerned about the activities of the far right. We recognise all dogs regardless of race or creed to have the same rights and why should people be any different. I have been subject to the odd racist attack by other dogs that don’t recognise my breed and I can tell you from personal experience that it is unpleasant and completely unjustified. Why should I be singled out because of the colour of my coat? On the inside, I think just the same and have the same feelings. As far as the claim that dogs from overseas are taking the role of pet that could be going to the English breeds, this is no different from the many English breeds that have happily settled with families abroad. Such freedom of movement should be seen as an opportunity to share each other’s cultures and understand each other more fully, not to react aggressively to petty rivalries and insecurities. One of the ironies of the far right talking about people ‘going home’ is that this is their home and often has been for many generations.

Ok, it’s Sunday, I’ll get off my hobby horse and relax with the rest of you. I know that like us many of you will be enjoying the better weather and I’d just like to say thank you, on behalf of us all, to my Mistress for putting away all her summer clothes. Now that she is sweating it out in autumn and winter jumpers the rest of us can finally enjoy something of a late summer. She has threatened to open the suitcase and get them all back out again, but I have been begging her to leave them exactly where they are, if for no other reason than it is allowing the builders to make better progress.