Saturday 29th August 2009

I’ve been writing for the last week while on holiday with my Master and Mistress in Pitlochry. It’s been a quiet holiday in which my requests to visit some of the whisky distilleries have been studiously ignored and all I have been able to do is have lots of walks in new places that I haven’t sniffed before. At least Shadow is more settled in the car these days and she didn’t spend too much of the journey asking if we were nearly there. Today it’s back into the car for the return journey. It is also my Mistress’s birthday today. What a way to spend your birthday, in the car for hours on end. We play games for some of the journey but there are only so many times I want to play the shopping game or eye spy on one journey. I need to look at the map, but this is probably the furthest north I’ve ever been. It’s a shame we’re not in my Mistress’s car so I could tell you what latitude we were at.

As we drove round one of the lochs, my Mistress said it was quite like Switzerland, except that in Switzerland the mountains are higher and the sky is bluer. So not quite the same then! Shadow and I had lots of people coming up and admiring us. I feel very proud to be able to explain we are Entlebucher Mountain Dogs. Ok, so I’m having to get used to everyone thinking Shadow is very pretty but I’m not complaining.  Anyway that’s the end of holidays for this year. I think Shadow and I have a day in kennel when my Mistress has an operation on her ear, but apart from that we’ll be at home, checking on progress of our new house.