Sunday 30th August 2009

At last we are home again. The journey yesterday was long and tiring. I was glad it wasn’t my birthday as that is hardly the way I would have chosen to spend it. However, my Mistress didn’t complain and not long after we arrived home one of her friends arrived to stay, which made it all the more interesting. They went down to the pub for a meal in the evening, but Shadow and I were quite content just to make the most of being in the comfort of our own home. In many ways, it seems as though Shadow has grown up over the last few days. She’s learnt why it’s so important to go to the toilet when you have the opportunity and not to be the one to say you want to stop, when you’re going along a motorway and you aren’t allowed to. She’s learnt how to be good on long journeys and how to drink from our special water containers. She’s also learnt how you treat other people’s furniture and how you behave in someone else’s house. Now we’re back, but I don’t think she’ll forget all of it.

This evening my Master and Mistress are off to a fancy dress party at the pub. The pub is celebrating its second birthday. The theme is tv and film, so my Master is going as  cowboy and my Mistress as an Indian. They ran out of time to sort out their costumes. My Master’s is a size too small and my Mistress’s seems to have been designed for someone who is remarkably shorter than she is. The fringing on the bottom of her dress is cut so high that it reveals rather more of her underwear than my Mistress is used to showing in public! Have you ever seen Pocahontas in a pair of thick winter tights?