Friday 21st August 2009

In the end, my Mistress went to collect the lawn mower and managed to woman-handle it out of the car, hurting her back in the process. She decided by the time she’d got it that it was too late to feel like cutting the grass and she’d leave it a day. That would be just long enough for it to rain and the grass to be too wet to cut!

The world seems to have gone mad. In the last couple of days, my Mistress has had no less than four enquiries for Entlebucher puppies. Now given that at the moment there are only eleven of us in the country anyway, that is an awful lot of enquiries for a couple of days. It’s nice to know there are so many people out there that recognise just how special we are.

In a less well thought out moment, my Mistress has bought a special lead that can attach to both our collars at once. Now bear in mind that we as a breed are quite used to pulling carts and you will understand the sort of strength that two of us can put into it if we go in the same direction. At first, Shadow and I were tripping over each other and she occasionally was close to the firing line when I wanted to stop to pee, but once we got into our stride we proved that yes we would be entirely unmanageable if my Mistress chose to continue with the experiment. All it needed was to see a dog that we both wanted to go up to and we’d have been pulling my Mistress along the ground behind us. This is what you call team work!