Saturday 22nd August 2009

Apparently the answer to the burning the grass when peeing problem is vinegar. At least it’s the human answer. Have you ever been made to drink water with vinegar in it? Now I realise I am speaking as someone who enjoys a good puddle, but vinegar! Admittedly my Mistress is giving us cider vinegar rather than common or garden vinegar so it may have the additional benefit of being good for us, but all the same would you want there it be vinegar in all your drinks?

I am proud to say that Entlebucher Mountain Dogs in this country now have their own website. For those of you who would like a look we are at There is still a lot of work to do to make the site look pretty, but it’s a start and its better than not having a website at all. At the moment we are too new to come up when you do a search, but that will come in time.

Why do you get hiccoughs? They come out of nowhere and take over your whole body. There seems to be very little you can do about them and then they go away again. Where do they go? Is there some other world in which hiccoughs exist independently of any animals or when they leave one animal do they miraculously appear in another one somewhere completely different? You may have managed to lead a very happy life not knowing the answer to that question but it’s important. Just think how much better informed you’d be if you knew exactly where hiccoughs were at any time and were able to dodge when they were suddenly coming your way.