Thursday 20th August 2009

I have received some very good news from Megan. She is going to live with her father. That really is a very special thing for a puppy to get the chance to live with either of your parents. It doesn’t happen very often and when it does it is something very special. I send her lots of love and hope that she will be very happy. I also hope it means I can meet her when I get chance to visit Switzerland.

My Mistress has a dilemma. The grass needs cutting. That isn’t actually the dilemma! It’s obvious if it needs cutting you get the mower out. Unfortunately the mower went off to the mower hospital for repair and although it’s ready to pick up, my Mistress would not be able to get it out of the car on her own. With my Master away at the moment the grass is just going to have to get a bit longer before we can do anything about it. It might be a good thing as we’ve been told that Shadow is less likely to dig in long grass and to be honest she needs all the deterrent she can get. Then there is the problem of the burn marks that are being left on the grass when she pees. My Mistress says we can get some mineral to put in our water bowl to help stop that, but she hasn’t bought them yet. I wonder whether you can get them in different flavours and whether I could have cherry. I’d settle for other fruits, but I hope it doesn’t make it taste more like puddles because that would take out the pleasure of actually drinking puddle water when I’m out.