Wednesday 19th August 2009

Shadow is now booked in to have her dew claws removed. I felt left out when my Mistress went out with just Shadow yesterday morning and was eagerly waiting when they came back to find out where they’d been. I didn’t feel so left out when she said she’d been to the vet, I can live without those sorts of trips out. She won’t be having her operation for another month, so she has plenty of time to worry about it. I was blasé and said I’d had an operation before and it was nothing to worry about. My Mistress was in more of a state than I was, but that was partly down to the excessive coffee drinking while I was being operated on. I’ve promised to look after her when she comes back from the vet and bring her cups of tea when she needs them.

I was also reading a story that made me think I can do without those sort of trips. Apparently there was a power cut at a theme park and lots of people got stuck on a ride that went above the lions’ enclosure. Now I don’t know about you, but dangling over a pen full of lions would not make me want to go back to that particular theme park in a hurry.

There is a discussion going on at the moment about the shape of our picture window on the new house. I said I’m not prepared to settle for anything less than the arch that I’ve asked for. I want it to remind me of our old house in Belgium and that was an arch, so I want one here. Apparently the factory thinks it is too difficult for them. Whatever happened to old fashioned crafts people who spent years learning their craft so that they could do fancy bits?