Tuesday 18th August 2009

After my Mistress telling me about the lovely sound of all the cow bells around the Swiss hillsides, I am thinking of talking to the sheep in the neighbouring field to see if they would like to take up the idea. They wouldn’t be able to do a very wide ranging tune between the three of them, but it would produce a nice melody once they got the hang of it. Shadow and I could bark out a chorus to go with it every so often.

We are having a quiet time in the house at the moment. There’s just my Mistress and us dogs. Everything is remarkably calm and my Mistress is taking the opportunity of being very strict with Shadow. What’s alarming is finding that Shadow really is much more advanced in her training than I was at that age and I don’t think I can even blame the fact that I was struggling with learning in a foreign language to account for the difference. In my defence I have never tried to bring the garden fence into the house one stick at a time.

My Mistress has now received part of her fancy dress outfit that she ordered by post. She plans to go as Pocahontas to my Master’s cowboy. What I want to know is since when did Pocahontas have red hair? She says she has a wig for the costume. I asked what she was going to do about wearing glasses but she says if she leaves those at home she won’t be able to see where she’s going so she’ll be a glasses wearing red Indian.