Monday 17th August 2009

My Mistress sat down with me yesterday to tell me all about her visit to Switzerland. She started with the bad news and then cheered me up with lots of good news. The bad news is that Megan won’t be coming to live with us. Now I don’t know how much you know about our breed, but our tails are supposed to curl over no further than to just above touching our backs. Mine does that and Shadow’s does that but sadly, Megan’s curled all the way round. Oh, she looked cute and my Mistress thought we’d all get on very well, but she wouldn’t have been allowed to breed and much as I want another playmate, I have to remember that the whole point is that she will have puppies. I felt pretty glum after that, but then my Mistress told me that there might be a litter of puppies born in October that we could have one from and it is all a question of waiting a little more time.

That started the good news and then my Mistress told me that she had met my great grandmother and she is a lovely dog who is now 16years old. My great grandmother lives with the family that my Mistress stayed with and so if I get to go over there, I will meet her too. My Mistress also went through the village that my dad lives in, although she didn’t actually get to meet him. Then she met a dog that looked very like me and it turned out that he was my half brother. He sounds really nice and very clever. He has been able to bring cows in on his own since he was nine months old. Best of all, my Mistress went to see the village we originate from and the valley where we were rediscovered in the 1920’s. I’ve asked if I can go to see them when she takes me to Switzerland.