Wednesday 12th August 2009

I am eagerly waiting on a call from my Mistress to tell me how her day has gone. Today she is meeting my future companion, Megan. I know my Mistress is excited and she has promised that when Megan comes she can be my puppy. I know that means I will have to share the foot of the bed with her, but I’m prepared to make the sacrifice. I think my Mistress is going to meet Megan’s mum too, which will be really nice. I have sent my love and asked my Mistress to take her a present from me. I’m just hoping that my Mistress remembered to pack the present. I’ll find out when she rings. I thought it would be important for Megan to have something that smelt of me, so that she knew who her pack leader would be. My Mistress is under the mistaken impression that she’s in charge, but I’m under no illusions.

I was very worried about my Mistress before she went away. She was devising ways to commit a murder. Now she claims that it was simply for the book she’s writing, but my Master and I had our doubts. When she started going into all the forensics of what marks there would be on the body, we got really worried. Perhaps most alarmingly, she isn’t stopping at the one murder but seems to have several planned. I think the summer holidays might be getting to her.

What is it with all of you? Do you think July 11th contains a subliminal message or something? I was just wondering why so many people have suddenly gone back and read that day. It wasn’t as though it was a particularly interesting day! As days go, it was just fairly ordinary. I have more exciting ones sometimes, really I do.