Monday 10th August 2009

Shadow continues to earn the reputation for being a much naughtier puppy than I ever was. For her own good, my Master and Mistress erected a fence across part of the garden. The other side of the fence is out of bounds to us both. Firstly, there are holes in the far fence, secondly, people have been known to leave the gate open and thirdly it prevents us having all out rows with the neighbouring dogs. I accepted the new fence and could see that on balance it was in everyone’s interests. Shadow has seen it all rather differently. Now the fence was not solid. It was a temporary construction made out of wooden garden lattice. As it turns out, Shadow thinks the wood concerned is particularly nice to chew and leave on the carpet for my Mistress to clear up. She had already been told off for the mess on the carpet, but my Mistress had not worked out where it was coming from, until the hole was big enough for Shadow to get through.

Fortunately, the hole was drawn to my Mistress’s attention before Shadow did a disappearing act. Emergency repairs have been undertaken, using some spare chicken wire, but a more complete solution will have to be found. Another job for my Mistress to add to the list! We are off to kennels later and my Mistress is hoping that given a week Shadow might loose the desire to eat her way out of the fence. I pointed to the newly dug hole in the garden and suggested that there seemed to be very little chance of her giving up any form of destructive behaviour.