Sunday 9th August 2009

Life is really no fair when you’re a dog. Today my Mistress is taking my little car to a meeting with other cars like it, but she isn’t taking me. To be fair, she is going to a meeting in a pub and I’m not allowed in the pub, but the general principle of it is what really gets to me. Why hasn’t she arranged it in a way that I could be part of the activities? She has been shamed into cleaning it before going and had now done away with most of the bits of mould that have grown on it while left to rot in the garage. I said to her, if she isn’t going to look after it she shouldn’t have it. She could at least give it to me to take care of.

We’ve bought some little comforters to take to Megan. There is one that my Mistress will sleep with for a couple of days so that it smells of her and there’s one that I will sleep with so that it smells of me. Then Megan will find those smells familiar and won’t be frightened when she first comes to England to live with is. It’s scary for any puppy to go to his or her new home, but to have to move country to do it must be very difficult. I didn’t leave my homeland until I was over two years old and it was a big enough change then.

My Mistress needs an idea for a fancy dress outfit for a TV and Film party at the pub. I said she could go as the Pink Panther again, but she said the outfit was a bit hot. I suggested going to the other extreme and being a Bond girl, but she thinks she’s a bit past that.