Saturday 8th August 2009

I was reading a blog post about role models and although I agree with this in part, I do not agree entirely.

The person who wrote the post commented on an author and said that they were inevitably a role model and had a responsibility. Surely their responsibility is no different than the likes of you and me as we go about our daily lives. The author concerned writes crime novels but that does not mean she commits crimes. If authors in their writing only set out to write the things that had strong moral messages there would be a lot fewer books written and a lot fewer books read. However, she also works as a teacher and that is a role that carries serious influence.

I would have to say that in our own little worlds, each one of us is a role model in some small way. Children copy what they see those around them doing and if we set a bad example we can be sure that they will follow. There is much talk about the behaviour of children being much worse than in was in the last generation, but the sad thing is that the last generation really have themselves to blame for this as they are the one setting an example to today’s young. Even in my own little world, I have a responsibility to be a role model to the puppy of the house. Since she has arrived I have taken my responsibility very seriously and have grown up. No longer do I jump all over people and cause mayhem. I see it as my role to show that is not really the way for a dog to behave. I may not be doing a very good job, as Shadow seems to be consistently ignoring me. However, I will continue to operate under the philosophy of ‘do as you would be done by’ in the hope that somewhere along the way I might make the world a better place.