Wednesday 5th August 2009

Being left out of going to the seaside did not mean I also wanted to be left out of going to the theatre. I said, last year, after my Master and Mistress went to see the Railway Children in York, including a live steam train, that if they went again, I wanted to go. Now they’ve been again and still without me. My Mistress did remind me that last time I went near a live steam train it frightened the life out of me when it suddenly let off steam, but I was prepared to give it another go. I’m now old enough to sit through a production and not be an embarrassment to them. Let’s face it, they took a seven year old boy with them and if it’s good enough for him, then why not me? I didn’t fancy walking round York beforehand, but it would have been a good opportunity to find out where I need to go for my photo shoot.

Shadow is now six months old and is likely to come on heat at some point. Every time I try playing with her James seems to think I’m trying to mount her. Now let’s get a little bit realistic shall we. First of all, we play rough and tumble all the time and that doesn’t mean that I want to mate with her. Secondly, I can’t! What kind of cruel joke does he think it is to accuse me of such antics? Those privileges were removed when I was very young! They say that the thought can still be there, but in my case, I don’t think I can even manage that. Much as I might like to bring puppies of my own into the world, it’s never going to happen. Instead, I will take my role of playmate and protector seriously and will be a surrogate dad when the real father is too busy to play with his own puppies!