Tuesday 4th August 2009

I am one honoured dog. Later this month it will be my Mistress’s birthday and she has thought very carefully about what she would like as a present from my Master and she has made a wonderful decision. She has decided that she would like to have a session with a photographer, just her and me. She says that this will make up for me being left out of the wedding photos, three years ago! I shall have to work on my coat and get it looking its best and then we’ll have to decide on what sort of photos we want taking. As long as they turn out all right then we’re going to have a big picture framed to put up at home. I don’t know how to contain my excitement. Shadow was of course disappointed that she wasn’t being included, but then James said he might like to have one with her for his birthday, so she cheered up a bit.

Most of the family took the opportunity to go to the beach yesterday, seeing as the weather was less cold wet and windy than it has been. It wasn’t exactly as summer’s day, but with a good imagination you could pretend. Shadow and I stayed at home with my Mistress, making the most of the peace and quiet. I tried to persuade Shadow to go too, so that we could have had complete quiet, but she said if I wasn’t going then she didn’t want to go either, which was really very tiresome. Not only did it deprive me of the opportunity to sleep without interruption, but as I pointed out, she was the one missing out as she actually likes water. You won’t get me anywhere near that wet stuff and as far as paddling is concerned, it’s a mug’s game.