Thursday 6th August 2009

You may remember the saga of the coconut shy balls. Well, when we came to return them, there was one missing and my Mistress dutifully handed over a pound of her own money in payment. One day this week, as she was coming through the front door, she noticed a ball and thinking that it belonged to the neighbour’s children she picked it up. Well what do you think? It turned out it was the missing ball from the coconut shy that someone must have found and returned. It is not standing on my Mistress’s desk as a proud souvenir of the Fun Day – ready and waiting to be thrown at coconuts next year.

We went to have a little look at our building work the other day and at last there seem to be some walls going up. It’s exciting to start to get an idea of what it’s going to look like, although when I asked my Mistress exactly what was where, I did not need to know that was the space for the shower that I will be washed in. When will she understand that I really don’t like water, not even a little bit? It was a bit difficult trying to explain to a seven year old exactly why he couldn’t walk over the wet concrete or climb up the still drying walls. When it was explained that he would leave marks everywhere he just couldn’t see why that should be a problem. The plants she put in aren’t looking too good. Well would you if you’d had fence put on you? She cut some of the lavender and brought it home so that she could enjoy it for a little while. She gave it to me to smell but it made me sneeze.