Friday 31st July 2009

Activity holidays are best undertaken by those who are active. Those who have bad backs that confine them to bed for two days might be advised to take a gentle walk along a promenade and sit on a bench watching the world go by. At least that is what I will be saying to my Master when he manages to get himself home. The other ingredient that makes an activity holiday work best is good weather. By the time the whole family look like drowned rats, tempers can become a little frayed. It makes me glad that I’ve spent the week in a snug dry kennel, even if I have had to contend with a hyperactive puppy.

My Mistress did enjoy the archery and is waiting for the call from Robin Hood to join his band of merry men. She’ll be just fine as long as the target doesn’t move and she doesn’t have to cycle between locations.

I wonder if any kennels has set up running activity holidays just for the dogs that have been left out by their families. I’m not suggesting that we should try the high ropes, but I wouldn’t mind a shot at quad biking. We could sign up for rounds of agility and fetch. I suppose there could be obedience classes but they would be the equivalent of human keep fit classes, more a chore than a pleasure. We could have our own doggie spa, with relaxing massages and facials. We could relax in the steam bath and sauna. Every dog dreams of being pampered just as much as humans do. We could have room service to deliver little snack treats from a wide ranging takeaway menu, including bones, dog biscuits and choccie drops. I might try suggesting it to the lovely people at this kennels in case they’d like to be the pioneers.