Thursday 30th July 2009

Being in kennels gives a dog time to think. I have thought about how much I miss all the scraps I get given at home. I have thought about how I miss my early morning cuddle. I have thought about how I miss howling at the neighbourhood dogs and I have thought about the state of the economy. As with all great political leaders, I have thought about some of those more than others and if I am being strictly honest, the economy wasn’t top of the list. My Mistress has spent her week thinking about specific muscles of her body and how much they hurt. My Master was flat on his back out of action by Tuesday and my Mistress never wants to see a bicycle again. Shadow is still finding wonder in all the little things in life, like chasing her tail and taking her food by surprise. I tried to get a debate going with her on our economic policy but if I’m being honest, no sooner had I started talking about interest rates that she glazed over and said she needed a nap. I’m starting to understand the problems that must be faced by the Bank of England and the Chancellor of the Exchequer. As a dog, it is clear to me that my pound doesn’t buy as many of the long hide chews that we bought in Belgium as it used to do. I believe it is something to do with exchange rates and the fact that either the pound is weaker or the Euro is stronger or some combination of them both. I’ve got as far as realising this may not be an altogether good thing, but I haven’t got as far as understanding why and Shadow had even less idea. I’m thinking I may need to wait for my Mistress to come home so that she can explain to me.