Saturday 1st August 2009

Now I’m worried. I’m having enough problems keeping up with the hyperactive puppy that I already live with and now I have had news from Switzerland that Megan is just as hyperactive as Shadow. By the time Megan arrives with us next year, I really need to make sure I’m prepared for all the excitement. I’m rather hoping that they’ll chase round after each other and that I might get some peace and quiet. If they work together and gang up on me then I stand no chance at all. I am waiting for a fuller report from my Mistress when she goes to visit Megan in a couple of weeks.

Fortunately, it was my Mistress that was picking us up this morning, so we weren’t forgotten and are now back with the comforts of home. I stood eagerly, tail wagging, ready for them to give my present from holiday and what do you think? None of them had bought me anything. Oh there was some spare food that they brought back but most of that wasn’t suitable for us either. I thought about sulking, but on balance I was too pleased to have them all back to stay fed up for long.

I am told by my friends in Switzerland that I could be going to stay with them as well as my Mistress. “What about me?” I asked. Sadly she is going by train and they can’t take me on the one that goes from England to France, unless she takes the car. She says the drive is too far and despite my offering to do some of the driving, she seemed to think it wasn’t an option for this trip. She has promised to look at taking me when she drives over to collect Megan, so I’ll just have to be patient.