Friday 24th July 2009

It’s usually our Mistress that brings us to kennels. I like it like that because I get to say a last minute goodbye. This morning it was my Master. It was still a wrench, but Shadow and I like the people here, so it’s not so bad.

I thought I’d take the opportunity of being cooped up to explain more about the purpose of the Pet Dogs Democratic Party to Shadow. There’s nothing like a captive audience to share ones political views with. I thought I’d start by explain about the minimum wage, seeing as Shadow was asking about the slogan on the back of my Mistress’s t-shirt. Shadow is still a bit young really and hasn’t fully got the concept of money. As far as she is concerned, everything she needs is provided and money doesn’t come into it. I started asking what was going to happen when she wanted a new collar, but she said that she was sure one would be bought for her.  I tried to move into the realm of theory. “Ok,” I said, “What if you wanted some new toys and no one offered to buy them?” Unfortunately, she said she would do what she usually does and take mine. I started to get a bit annoyed at this stage. “Ok,” I said, “and where do you think mine come from?” Unfortunately the only comment she had on the subject was that they came from the pet shop. I tried to find another way to explain and moved on to ask her why she thought the pet shop gave them to us, but she thought it was because they were nice. I can see that before I get on to talking about the exploitation of our kind and the need for a dog to be paid a living wage, I may have one or two issues to overcome first.