Thursday 23rd July 2009

Where has the summer gone? Grey skies and rain do not count as summer. This is more a premature autumn. How am I supposed to know what to pack to go away tomorrow when the weather is so variable? Should I pack some shorts or stick to my normal fur coat? It’s a big decision. Ok, so Shadow and I are only going to kennels, but you never know who you’re going to meet. We might find ourselves faced by all sorts of opportunities. You never know who is going to come round the kennels for a visit. Shadow and I like to look our best so that they will conclude we are the best looking dogs. I know it’s shallow, but we do like to be admired. On a positive note at least we have a few days away from the boys arguing over the computer.

My Mistress has sat me down to discuss our contingency plans in case the schools are off in the autumn. Clearly if we have James at home, someone is going to have to supervise his doing his school work on the computer. We are planning to work a shift pattern, with me and my Mistress taking it in turns. We can’t include Shadow in the schedule as she can’t be trusted not to turn tail and get him playing with her. I have been practising my most menacing snarl, ready for his attempts to do anything other than study. I’m not all that convincing yet, but I still have time to practice. It makes you wonder how long the children could be off school without it having a dramatic impact on their education. The most worrying thought, other than the latch key children who will be left unattended, is that they might rather enjoy being off.