Wednesday 22nd July 2009

Shadow is now official. Her pedigree certificate has arrived. I’m trying to work out which of us has the more pretentious name. I am Einstein van de Tiendenschuur and Shadow is Aisha Princess of Beauty. Tell me honestly, does her name really suggest a dog with such a big wind problem as she has? She is most certainly pretty and the word beauty does not seem too much of an exaggeration. I was thinking about this after Shadow got growled at by two Labradors in dog training this week. It is always the Labradors that don’t seem to like us and I’m starting to think it’s a jealousy thing. The Labrador’s are fed up that they aren’t as good looking as us Entlebuchers. Now I can see they have grounds for their disappointment but I’m sure they have other redeeming features. There’s no need to go round bullying us just because they’re jealous.

I told you a little while ago that I had been invited to be part of a blogging circle and I did feel just ever so slightly fraudulent in accepting. Well yesterday I managed to find a post on one of the other blogs that is actually relevant to dogs.  I was reading about the success of plastic bag reduction, but the author clearly wasn’t thinking widely enough about the necessary uses of a plastic bag. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s important that the plastic bag is bio-degradeable and isn’t going to be sitting around for the next thousand years, but once you’ve established that, they do provide an essential tool in the clearing up of the little piles of unpleasantness that I leave behind. Of course it is perfectly possible to buy bags specifically for that purpose, but surely reusing ones that have already serves one useful purpose is a good opportunity.