Tuesday 21sty July 2009

After deciding recently that I would like to go into space, I was most concerned to read that there are people who think the moon landings were faked. From a dog’s perspective, why would you fake something like that? More importantly if they didn’t actually land on the moon, where was the small step for man? Was it in some Hollywood studio and if that was the case there really is no excuse why there wasn’t a dog in the first landing. If they can fake a man landing on the moon they can equally well fake a dog. Maybe the dogs saw sense and refused to be included in such a programme.

When you start considering all the conspiracy theories that are around, you have to start to ask the question ‘what is real? There is a point at which it is only by trusting your fellow humans that you can have any basis for believing in almost anything. Has anyone really climbed Everest? Has anyone flown around the world? If you only believe the things you see with your own eyes and that you have total control over, then life becomes a very limited scenario. Yes, it would be possible to create a mock up of a space ship and in a studio simulate going into space, but just think of how many people would have to be in on the secret. Thousands of people watched the take off live – what did they see if it wasn’t a rocket going up. To a dog it seems more likely that the rocket that went up was the same one that went to the moon and that it really happened. It seems rather less likely that thousands of humans involved in the project managed to keep its simulation a secret. By now the number of people to whom it would have been said ‘Don’t tell anyone, but we didn’t really go to the moon’, would mean that the whole world had been let in on the secret. You only have to think about the incidence of people signing the Official Secret’s Act who later find a way to write a book about their experiences to realise that humans can’t keep secrets. In my experience, dogs are much better at keeping secrets than humans.

Besides which, if the landings didn’t really happen, how else did you find out that the moon was made of cheese?