Monday 20th July 2009

I was talking to someone about trying to set the record for the number of different types of transport travelled in and it all got very complicated. They started asking me what counted as different. If for example different models of plane count, then do different models of car. In the end I decided that it wasn’t worth the effort and if I’m going to set a world record it would have to be something that was easier to define.

My Mistress returned the plate smashing stand that she had borrowed from a neighbouring village for the Fun Day. She said it made her feel like a secret agent. She rang her contact. He rang another contact. My Mistress’s contact then rang her and a rendez vous was arranged. She arrived at the agreed location and gave the password ‘plate smashing’. Then a large iron gate was opened electronically  and she was shown to a large barn that was hidden around the back of some outbuildings. Who needs James Bond when you can be part of village life! We still have a sack of 38 coconuts sitting in our kitchen. Anyone want a coconut?

My Mistress has started to plot her next novel. I was looking over her shoulder earlier and this one seems a bit more grizzly. There are murders in this one. I won’t tell you who dies but you can rest assured there is more than one of them. She’s made me promise not to tell you exactly how many, as that might stop you wanting to read it, but it is certainly a bit creepy in places, although so far she has only written an outline. I asked whether this one would have any roles for dogs and she said she’d have to think about it. Her other book only had a recollection of a dog, rather than the dog itself, although sadly, it did include a cat. I think she’s got her priorities wrong.