Monday 6th July 2009

Shadow has learnt what it means to be a pet. Where are we on the scale of importance? Somewhere down there near the bottom. I got us both ready to go home yesterday, Shadow kept taking the toys off the pile as quickly as I could put them on and then we waited. When it got to closing time for the kennels, I rang my Mistress. “Where are you?” I said. “I’m on my way back from Winchester” she said. “Where are you?” “Waiting for you to pick us up.” As it turned out, my Master was supposed to pick us up and he forgot. My Mistress tried ringing him but got nowhere and in the end we had to ask very nicely if we could stay another night. Now I’m pleased to say, my Mistress has rescued us and we are home getting over the feeling of abandonment.

I don’t like to boast, but last month I had my highest ever readership. To all you lovely readers out there, I’m delighted that you can join us and that you enjoying reading my diary. I assume you enjoy it, otherwise you must have an awful lot of time to kill and very little in your life to do with it!

My Mistress has come home hungry. There are lots of things she can’t eat and when she goes away it is often difficult for her to get them to cater for her. Now you would think that someone on a diet should be glad of the opportunity to cut down and come home weighing a little less, but it seems I am mistaken. All it has done is given rise to her having a good moan and overeating now she’s home to compensate.

On a more positive note, she is now happy that her roving internet access is worth having. She was able to sit and keep up with the tennis scores whilst she was supposed to be considering aspects of her writing. Her argument is that being kept up to date was allowing her to concentrate. In reality, I think she may have been kidding herself once again.