Tuesday 7th July 2009

Well I didn’t see that coming. My Mistress has come back from her writers’ conference all set to buckle down and work and she is talking about the need for ‘focus’. I can see that. I think focus is very important. What I hadn’t expected was for her to say that she wouldn’t have so much time to help me editing my work any more. She’s says she’ll still help with my diary, but she won’t be spending time helping me with my Woodland Stories right now. What am I supposed to do? I’m struggling doing it on my own and I’ve still got quite a lot of work to do. It’s starting to feel as though it isn’t a good week to be a pet in this house. I asked her what was so important that my work was being cast aside and apparently she wants to get her novel published and make a start on the second one. How selfish is that? I’m sure her novel could wait.

When she was telling me about the weekend, she found herself in amongst the ‘Hat fayre’ in Winchester. When she’d heard about it before, she quite reasonably thought that it was essentially about hats. You would, wouldn’t you? As it happens it is essentially about performing arts and lots of loud music disturbing you when you’re tired.

One of the worst things about not going home on Sunday is that I missed the tennis. Now I know that Murray wasn’t in it, but by all accounts it was quite a match anyway. I feel the more aggrieved for knowing My Master was watching it in the comfort of our home and my Mistress was listening to it in the car. I’d only have listened, but Shadow says she would have liked to watch.