Sunday 28th June 2009

To describe Shadow’s homecoming as enthusiastic would be putting it mildly. She bounced all over my Mistress and managed to cut my Mistress’s arm quite badly with her claws. When she got home, she ran round like a mad thing, while I just quietly snuggled up and said how much I’d missed my Mistress. Shadow then excelled herself by peeing on the lounge carpet. I think it’s safe to say that whilst she has enjoyed being in kennels, she prefer to be at home with her humans just the same as me.

Once we’d settled down, it was good to have my Mistress tell me all about her visit to my family. My mum had sent her love and my new niece, Mini, is really cute. My sister made it clear to my Mistress that she hasn’t forgotten that I’m the brother she doesn’t like but I suppose I can’t have everything. I don’t think my sister, Esther is going to be very happy when one of her puppies comes to live with me in a year or so time. It was good to have news of my family. Apparently my grandmother I still alive and is doing ok, so maybe we are a long living family, which would be good. My Mistress also heard about a litter where two of the puppies were born with long coats, which is very strange for an Entlebucher. You’d get a bit of a shock if you had a litter and that happened, it would make you wonder who the father was. My Mistress says it may go back many generations and there may have been a Bernese Mountain Dog mixed in somewhere. I’m guessing that whilst not conforming to the breed, they would at least be very cute.