Monday 29th June 2009

When my Mistress did come to get her old car out of the garage, having charged the battery, she was faced with the horrible realisation that there was a thin layer of mould growing over most of the surfaces. I was unimpressed that she had given so little care and attention to my car. When I commented, she did point out that if I really saw it as my car then I could get a cleaning cloth and do something about it. She had a point. We worked on it together for a bit and got the worst of it off. I think what the car was really telling us was that it didn’t appreciate being left idle for quite as long as that and really should be used. If only it didn’t rain so much in England.

The house we live in is already fairly crowded and then my Mistress comes back from Belgium with 30 boxes of Choco Bears. I did offer to eat a few to reduce the pile but it seems that would defeat the object of buying a year’s supply for James’s breakfasts. She brought a few bars of marzipan back as well and has hidden those where only she and I know to find them. I don’t think I’m supposed to help myself but it’s good to know I have been trusted with the secret location. Who else would think to look on the pile of my Mistress’s t shirts to find the marzipan? Given that my Mistress is trying to lose weight, we are only eating a tiny bit at a time. If it’s anything like usual, if I give her a day or two it will be a tiny bit followed by another tiny bit.