Saturday 27th June 2009

I got all excited thinking I was going home this morning and it turns out that it won’t be until this afternoon. Shadow is going to be an insufferable bundle of energy when she gets there. She is so excited about seeing everyone. I didn’t have the heart to tell her we’ve got another couple of stays in kennels this summer, including next weekend. To be honest I’m a bit miffed about next weekend as that is when my Mistress is off to a writers’ conference. I don’t know which bit is worse, the thought that she is going to that without me or knowing that my Master will be at home but didn’t consider himself to be responsible enough to look after us. He said something about having to go to work, but I think that was only an excuse.

The most interesting thing to see when we get home will be whether any of the grass that my Mistress has planted has taken root. The next most interesting thing will be how long it takes Shadow to dig it up or dig some new holes.  It would be nice to think that a week away has broken the habit but I don’t suppose for a minute that it has. I t will be interesting to see how Shadow treats her homecoming. Little girl dogs are different. I go round and pee on all my favourite spots to tell the world that I’m back. I wonder what the girl equivalent is for that. I imagine she may have a jolly good bark to announce her return but I’m not sure how else she might express it. I’ll have to let you know.