Thursday 25th June 2009

My Mistress went to see my dog family yesterday. Apparently my niece is incredibly sweet and my sister is making a very good mum. I was wondering whether she would have mellowed through the process and whether she might like me some more now, but my Mistress seems to think that’s unlikely.

I’ve been wondering what has been happening at our new house this week. The builders were starting on Monday and it is quite possible that by now there will have been some demolition completed. It’s a shame they wouldn’t let us do some of it. I think that Shadow would be quite good at demolition. The worst bit, as far as my Mistress is concerned is the anxiety of waiting to see if they have managed to avoid putting a portacabin on the garden she has been so lovingly tending. The plants are starting to do really well, it would be such a shame to find they had been squashed under an office! I know it’s all for a limited time, but things like that can be very upsetting. She had a house once, where she had carefully planted the front garden, only to come home from work one day and find all her plants pulled out and lying on the grass, because the builder had come back to complete a bush planting scheme that they hadn’t told her about and her plants were in the way. To say she was upset was putting it mildly, but at least on that occasion she argued with them and got compensation.