Wednesday 24th June 2009

Shadow is not enjoying being away from our humans. She keeps wanting to borrow the mobile phone to ring my Mistress to say hello and she misses her. I’ve had to explain several times that I have a limited amount of credit and if she uses it all, how am I going to say goodnight to my Mistress each evening? She pointed out that she was only a puppy and it was natural for her to feel insecure. I pointed out that she had been my Mistress for a lot longer than she’d been Shadow’s and I therefore had more right to miss her. We reached a bit of a stalemate and in the interests of peace, I had to agree that we might miss her equally. Privately, I know Shadow can’t miss my Mistress more than I do, it wouldn’t be possible.

One good thing about being in Kennels is that Shadow has less access to the wide range of vegetation she finds in the garden. This means that her wind problem has decreased and to be honest, as I am the one in a confined space with her the rest of the time, this is some that is definitely worth celebrating. I am starting to understand why cows are known for their wind. It’s what they eat. I can only think that Shadow is testing out whether she could make it as a cow. It may all be connected with being a herding dog and trying to get into the mindset of the animal she would be herding. Frankly, at home it is an experience she has been taking just a little bit too far.