Monday 15th June 2009

I disgraced myself yesterday. I got on fine with the other dogs. I wasn’t possessive about my garden. I don’t know whether the other male Entlebucher or I decided which of us was top dog, but it didn’t matter. I was the model of self restraint, except for one small point. I peed up the leg of the other male dog’s owner. Doing it once might have been considered an innocent mistake. Doing it twice might have been considered negligent, but when I did it for a third time I was well and truly in disgrace. To be fair to him, he took it in remarkably good spirits and I did feel a little guilty that my Mistress was so embarrassed by me. I don’t know what came over me really. I know that isn’t acceptable behaviour when playing with humans, but I just couldn’t stop myself.

On the other paw, everyone fell in love with Shadow. She played with everyone and seemed to think all the other dogs were fantastic and she didn’t manage to do anything disgraceful or even naughty all day. In fact now that I come to think about it, she was a right little goody four paws.

The best bit is that we now have our very own Club in the United Kingdom, just for our type of dogs and people who are interested in us. We’re going to have our own fun day in September too, as long as the humans do their bit and organise it. I’m hoping that it means I shall get the opportunity of meeting even more of my type some time and I have promised faithfully to try to remember not to pee on any people. To be honest, I don’t think my Mistress could cope with the embarrassment of my doing it again.