Sunday 14th June 2009

The old adage ‘what goes up, must come down’ has proved accurate once again. Sadly, on this occasion it has been all the things we took up to the new house to get them out of our way here. They will now be in the way of the builders if we leave them there. Now I know that those settees fitted in the garage because that is where they were, but mysteriously they don’t seem to fit anymore. The boxes seem to have expanded and all in all it is proving a little difficult. The only piece of good news from my perspective is that my favourite chair has returned and is not conveniently placed near the front door so that I can keep an eye on what is going on while comfortably napping. Shadow was simply wide eyed seeing all the spare corners being filled, whilst at the same time getting in the way of it all.

Now that is all out of the way, we have time to relax and look forward to entertaining our visitors of the day. There will be six Entlebuchers, an Australian Shepherd and two Rottweilers for the day, some people as well, but they are way less interesting except at the point that they accidentally drop a burger in my direction at which point they are simply wonderful. It will be Shadow’s first bar b q. I don’t think she will be my main opponent in getting to the dropped food. I suppose as host I should be letting the others go first, but there are some things in life where it is every dog for himself and food is one of them.