Friday 5th June 2009

By the time my Mistress’s computer and her satellite navigation had both gone wrong in the same morning, she was very worried about going to the dentist. However, it turned out ok and by the time she came out the sat-nave was working again, so it was just the computer that held out for some attention.

My big news of the day is that we are getting another puppy. She won’t be living with us just yet as she has been born in Switzerland and will have to wait until she has her pets passport to be able to travel. My Mistress is going to see her in August and I’m trying to persuade her to take me with her. I really want to meet her whilst she’s young. I wonder if Shadow will boss her about as much as she bosses me. The new puppy is going to be called Megan. My Mistress always wanted a little girl called Megan and given that that hasn’t been possible, she decided to call the puppy that instead. After all, we are my Mistress’s children really. She certainly treats us as though we are. At least we’ll be in the new house by the time we get her, so there will be a bit more room to get away from the others and for us all to chase each other outside. My Mistress showed me a picture earlier and although she looks basically like me, she has a thicker white stripe on her forehead and smaller white boots. Given that she will grow up in Switzerland, I hope she understands enough English when she gets here. I suppose if she doesn’t, I’ll just have to teach her. I can’t see Shadow sitting still long enough for anything as serious as that.