Thursday 4th June 2009

What had I got to lose? If they are going to invite me to join their blog circle then they only have themselves to blame! I joined. I wonder how long it will be before they realise I may not take life quite as seriously as they do.

Despite it no longer being the top news story I notice that Swine flu is still spreading and has now occurred in every region of the UK except the one in which we live. I’m wondering if we should ban travel between this and other regions and quarantine anyone who tries to cross our borders. Looking at what’s happening around the world, we would probably be justified in refusing admission to anyone at all, until the outbreak is over. It’s times like this that I’m grateful that we are more remote from civilisation.

I don’t like to laugh at my Mistress’s expense, but she isn’t feeling so very proud of herself. Last week she had two submissions to prepare. The one to apply to study and MA in creative writing was all very last minute and urgent. The other one was, well, all very last minute and urgent! Both required a 20 page submission of her work in their support. She suddenly realised last night (several days after sending the submission off) that she had only produced one 20 page submission and it didn’t go with the MA application. She is now wondering whether they will dismiss her as a useless candidate or put it down to her being a scatty writer and have some sympathy. She’s been trying to get hold of them all day but no one seems to be answering the phone. That puts them on a par with the Inland Revenue then!