Saturday 6th June 2009

I spoke too soon about Swine Flu. Just to prove me wrong, not only has it reached York and Humber but it has reached the district that we live in. My Mistress is suggesting that she is staying in the house and not letting anyone else in, even if they think they live here. Somehow I don’t think the plan will work. She would at the very least need the Tesco’s delivery people to bring her food.

Shadow is having a limitless bouncing day. She discovered the wonders of chasing her own tail earlier this week and her enthusiasm knows no bounds. What is great is the times she chases it too quickly and then falls over in the process. I can sit and watch her for hours. I save tail chasing for those very special occasions when I can muster enough energy to make it worth while. When you get to my age, it’s enough just to know you can do it, without having to prove it all the time.

From the people I spoke to about the European elections this week, I found it depressing how few people really had any idea what it was all about and how it might affect them. There is a general misconception that we run ourselves and it doesn’t really matter. Do people really not care about the shape of margarine containers and whether we can call a cheese made in England ‘brie’? It’s one of these things that people don’t bother and then discover too late that the official language has been changed to Portugese and we can’t even communicate in our own country. You mock, but it could happen. I realise French or German would be more likely but it wouldn’t be so much fun.