Wednesday 20th May 2009

My Mistress is a little on the quiet side today. She went to the dentist yesterday and had some work done. She was there for ages and has told me that she doesn’t recommend it. At least, I think that may have been what she said, it came out more as a few grunts strung together. That is one of the upsides of being a short lived species. At least our teeth tend to last as long as we do, presuming we remember to follow a daily hygiene routine and ask for a chew after meals to clean our teeth with.

I have been investigating the patches of grass that Shadow has been digging up and I have realised that she may not be such a naughty puppy. She seems intent on digging a particular weed out of the grass and clearly has to dig the holes as deep as she is going to make sure she gets the whole of the root out. I think rather than being told off, she should be complimented for being a green pawed puppy. The fact that she has eaten some of the plants may disprove this theory but I’m trying to give her the benefit of the doubt. I’m wondering whether, if we showed her how to use the lawn mower, she might like to cut the grass.

On behalf of the Pet Dogs Democratic Party, I have been thinking about what our policy is on MPs expenses. I have reached the opinion that for us, paying for a second home would be a modest affair and even if you threw in a lifetime’s supply of dog biscuits it would be hard to spend as much as one MP has spent on horse manure.