Thursday 21st May 2009

Well I’m delighted to say that my sister had her litter of puppy yesterday. Yes I know you’re thinking that should read puppies, but she only had one. To be honest that seems to be taking a small litter just a bit too far but the good news is that mother and daughter are both doing well. Sadly, there is someone ahead of me in the queue for the puppy, so she won’t be coming to live with us. We will just have to go on waiting. In the meantime I am taking good care of Shadow, in the hope that she grows up big, strong and healthy and able to have puppies of her own in a couple of years time.

My biggest concern with Shadow at the moment is that nothing seems to stop her wanting to dig her way out of the garden. There are several problems with this. Firstly, I’m worried she will get out. Secondly, I don’t want holes in the garden and finally, I don’t think my Mistress wants to be jumped up with muddy paws all the time.

Back on the subject of MP’s expenses, I was alarmed that one had claimed for cleaning out his moat. You have to stop and consider how many normal people have a moat in the first place, before you begin to consider whether it is reasonable for the taxpayers to pay for it to be cleaned out. Can I presume that in exchange for this expenditure we can all visit the moat at any time we choose and what would happen if we had the audacity to actually cross the moat. I’m waiting to hear whether he also put in a claim for half a dozen piranha fish to supervise the moat or whether he goes for the more traditional security guard.