Wednesday 6th May 2009

Now whilst I realise it is easy to criticise how things operate when you aren’t the one doing them, there are some things that I can’t help but think would be better organised by dogs. In England, everyone criticises the process of buying and selling houses as being longwinded and confusing. It is said, not by dogs, that everything would be better if only there was a commitment to buy at the start of the process. That being the case, you’d like to think the process was straightforward in a country that did have that certainty, yet here my Mistress is, biting her fingernails (at least proverbially) waiting to find out if she is going to complete her property sale in France next Monday. It wouldn’t be so bad if she didn’t have to be there for it. However, It is now Wednesday and she still doesn’t know whether she will need to get on a train on Sunday to get there in time. She’s had to buy a ticket just in case, but at least had the sense to buy one that can be changed. I don’t like to tell her, but my money is on the date changing.

I was giving some more thought to how dogs could raise the money they need to introduce the animal welfare state. After trying to work out how we would levy taxes, I started to think about Monaco and them raising their revenue through the casino. Do you remember all those pictures of dogs playing poker and billiards? I wondered if I could find out where they played, whether I could set up some form of gambling operation that could be like Monaco’s casino and pay for all the services we need. Perhaps it should just be run by dogs but encourage humans to gambol instead of dogs. It would be a shame to encourage my fellow kind into bad habits after all.