Tuesday 5th May 2009

I’ve been thinking about dog shows. Why aren’t there cash prizes for the dogs? Why isn’t a flyball championship like Wimbledon in which the winning dogs were competing for large cash prizes? Dogs need to have similar terms to humans. How else are we going to pay for pensions and a dogs health service? Dog’s earn money by working in films, although wrongly it is paid to the owner, so why don’t guide dogs earn a salary for their job and a sniffer dog get a good hourly rate for his work. He could even get bonuses according to what he finds. Just think what sort of an incentive that would be. My challenge of improving conditions for dogs is impossible unless we get some basic principles in place. A dog needs to earn his own money. Even being a pet fulfils an important role within the family and should earn a basic wage. Think about it, we work long hours and always show how pleased we are to see you. The next problem to address would be where we kept the money. Now I’ll be the first one to express my concerns about the modern banking system, but we should have the right to open an account. It’s no good saying we have to have a household utility bill in our own name as well as our passport. Which of the utility companies is going to address the electricity or gas bill to Sparky, Rex or Princess? I understand we need to be covered by money laundering legislation to avoid a loophole arising, but we could go with passport and paw print or even eye recognition. Then we can start to set a system up where we can raise taxes on dogs to pay for all the services we would like. We’ve got to start somewhere.