Thursday 7th May 2009

Shadow has taken to wearing her collar with the disc swung over her shoulder at a rakish angle. It looks a little as though she is wearing a silk scarf, with the end wrapped round. Whilst it’s not a fashion I’m thinking of following, I have to admit it does rather suit her. I am a little disgruntled to find that she likes to climb the stairs. When I was her age, I could only struggle up one or two stairs and I couldn’t manage to get down at all. She on the other hand seems to take them all in her stride and can already stand on her back legs and put her nose over the dining table to see if there are any unattended plates. It isn’t even as though I’m safe in the rest of the house, other than the kitchen, anymore. She is now being allowed to move around more freely as a reward for getting the hang of going to the toilet outside. There are one or two problems attached to this freedom of movement. Firstly, there is no room in the house where I can quietly go to bed in the happy knowledge that she can’t find me and secondly she keeps running off with any shoes she finds lying around.

I have been talking to my Mistress about the bed problem. In simple terms, Shadow makes me get out of whichever bed I decide to get into. I’ve been worrying about what will happen when we go to stay in kennels. I don’t want to have to lie on the concrete whilst she monopolises both beds. As it turns out, I am worrying for no reason. The way the kennel works is that although we can be together during the day we can be kept apart at night, although she will still have the comfort of being able to see me. I’m much happier now I know I won’t have to sleep on concrete.