Monday 4th May 2009

There is a new category of rubbish in our household and that is rubbish that Shadow borrows to use as a toy. This mainly consists of plastic bottles that can be thrown in the air and chased round the garden. Everyone thinks it’s huge fun, except my Mistress who is concerned that the kitchen and garden are starting to look like a refuse site. I said to her ‘Look on the bright side, it’s a cheap form of entertainment and you can always round them up and throw them away at intervals, as you know it won’t be long before some more are available.’ She sort of grunted at me, which I am taking as resigned acceptance.

My Master managed to get yet another flat tyre. I’ve never known anyone manage quite so many flat tyres and it makes me wonder where exactly he’s taking the car. On the bright side, he’s almost on first name terms with the people in the tyre replacement place. The whole process does seem to include a large amount of waiting around for the work to be done. Someone needs to invent a tyre that can’t be punctured. We look back and laugh at wooden wheels but maybe they weren’t such bad things after all. Progress isn’t always advantageous. Mind you, I wouldn’t fancy going over some of the local pot holes on wooden wheels. It would be a bit of a bumpy ride and there would be a lot of potential for getting stuck in a rut.

I’m pleased to report that the plants still seem to be alive, although there is no sign of the bulbs coming through yet. I thought of having a bit of a dig to see if anything was going on down there, but my Mistress said that would not be helpful. I told Shadow she had better get her paws cleaned quickly, so that my Mistress didn’t see them.