Sunday 3rd May 2009

Now that Shadow can go out and about every day is a new learning experience. We’ve taken her to see the ducks on the pond. She looked for all the world as though given the chance she would get into the pond and go for a swim. It was funnier when my Mistress took us both up to the other house so that she could do some gardening. The idea was that we would sit quietly tied to the fence while my Mistress did the planting. Shadow was more of a mind to dig up the plants as my Mistress put them in. Except she wasn’t intending to do it all that carefully and I don’t think they’d have been in a state where they would grow afterwards.

Having planted bulbs, what will be interesting is to see how many of them actually come through. The fact that towards the end my Mistress had lost all enthusiasm and perhaps wasn’t being quite so careful with the planting as was desirable, might give some indication of how likely it is.

What is worrying is that even at twelve weeks old, Shadow seems ready to go on longer walks than I have in mind. I remember being her age. I didn’t want to go very far at all. There I was saying to my Mistress ‘You may need to be patient with her. Remember that she’s only little.’ Then there’s Shadow ‘OK how far do you want to go? I’m ready for anything.’ Distressingly, there are going to be times that I’m going to be the one asking to go home. I know it’s because of my heart murmur, but it doesn’t make you feel much a man to find a twelve week old puppy is capable of more than you are.