Wednesday 29th April 2009

The rabbit episode has drawn to a close and the hutch has gone to house its new occupants. Somewhere out there I hope that there are some rabbits who are very happy with their new quarters and who don’t live with a dog like me.

Now I’ve told you that Shadow has dug a hole or two, or six, but she has achieved nothing compared to what a digger managed in a short space of time at our new house. The digger dug a nine foot deep hole in the middle of the grass. Unlike Shadow, the digger filled the hole back in and although the grass will never be the same again, there is no real harm done. It was all to do with finding out how deep the foundations need to go. If only Shadow could have as good an excuse as that.

Yesterday we were powerless. Not in the sense that anyone tried to overpower us, more in the sense of without electricity for the day. My poor Mistress couldn’t use the computer during the day and for that matter she couldn’t have any coffee, except what she saved in a flask. I said we should go to the other house, but it all gets a bit complicated with Shadow still peeing so much. She’s better in the kitchen, but at the other house there would be nowhere for me and my Mistress to work in the kitchen. I tried saying we should all have the day off, but that didn’t go down too well.

Have you ever tried to measure how much liquid a dog drinks in 24hours? If my Mistress thought collecting a urine sample from Shadow was bad, it was not as hard as having to keep the two of us apart so that she knew what Shadow had drunk rather than me.