Thursday 30th April 2009

Shadow is due to start her training classes in the next couple of weeks. I’m not sure whether it’s wise to scare her with stories of when I started. At least she won’t have the language barrier and as they meet indoors I don’t suppose she’ll have ten centimetres of muddy water to contend with. Mind you, knowing Shadow, she’d be happier to sit down in it than I ever was. She doesn’t seem to notice the wet. She’s going to be one of those outdoors types whose always up for exercise. I’m not sure how I shall get out of going out when it’s wet, but hopefully my Mistress will understand that I’m just not that sort of dog.

I was wondering, can dogs get swine flu? There has been a lot of information about how it has transferred to humans but I need to know whether I’m at risk too. What symptoms should I be looking out for and are the Government building up sufficient supplies of vaccines and antiviral drugs to cover the whole of the dog population? This may be a time when the Pet Dogs Democratic Party should swing into action and send out leaflets to every dog in the country. If of course we are safe from the possibility of transfer, is this a time for dogs to volunteer for all those jobs that humans will need us to do, such as nursing. We could run the centres that people have to go to in order to collect their drugs. We could keep the country going in the event of a pandemic. Thinking about it, it would be a perfect time for us to undertake a coup and seize the running of the country. I could declare myself as Prime Minister.