Friday 17th April 2009

You would never imaging that getting some rabbits could be so complicated. We’ve had the hutch and the hospital and now everything is quiet what do you think happens? We arrive at the pet shop to find they have run out of rabbits. Now there are rabbits in all the fields around where we live, but they don’t want to move into our hutch and as it turns out the city rabbits all have homes. We are now waiting for a new delivery of rabbits.

I saw yesterday that Sir Clement Freud had died. Now whilst I know little about him directly, my Mistress told me all about his adverts with a dog called Henry. They made ideal candidates for dog most like its owner and I’m sure the dog world will be sad for his loss.

Today Shadow is ten weeks old. She is now the same age as I was when I moved in, but there the similarity ends. Quite apart from the fact that she is a girl and I’m a boy, she is nothing like me at all. I was placid, quiet in the house, easily house trained, and most importantly clean. Shadow is a four legged dealer in terror who also likes digging in the garden and rolling in mud. She is causing my Mistress far more anxieties than I ever have. We found for example that she could get through the square holes in the wire fence. The whole side of the garden has had to be reinforced with chicken wire to stop her getting out. Each day brings a new challenge. It all just goes to show that I was the exception that proves the rule that puppies are very difficult to look after, even if they are Entlebuchers!