Thursday 16th April 2009

As you may have realised, with my Mistress going to hospital the arrival of the rabbits was postponed. All things considered it’s probably as well as we haven’t exactly got Shadow to the point of being an easy companion. Firstly there was the day that she managed to wet the bed . . . and the other bed . . . and the blanket . . . all in one day. Not bad going really. The only one she left alone was my one that she has taken charge of.

Of course whilst the arrival of the rabbits would have caused excitement, that is nothing to the excitement we have as the sheep are back. I’m pleased to see them but that’s as far as it goes. I don’t need to bark at them, although to be fair they are the only living things outside that I don’t feel the need to bark at. Shadow on the other hand has greeted them in noisy style. What is really funny is that at the moment her bark is fairly quiet. She goes out and gives a little bark at the sheep and then all the neighbouring dogs join in the barking much more loudly. She thinks she’s not going to get into trouble but My Mistress isn’t that stupid. She’s already been through all these behaviours with me and I can assure Shadow, she’s not as dim as she looks.

My Mistress is not moving about much at the moment so she’s no fun to play with. She says she needs a quiet few days and I suggested that she’s come to the wrong house for that. How she can hope for quiet with out noisy family is anybody’s guess and that’s even without the rabbits.